Volunteer Positions

Intake Volunteer

The Intake Volunteer will be the first point of contact for our program. He/She will answer calls to the Help line. They will need to use a warm, caring, understanding and sympathetic voice when speaking directly to the clients. (exhibiting Arc’s warm embrace at all times) the main responsibility is to gather important basic information from the clients so that Arc can pair them with a Be There Person with a close connection to their particular situation. Discretion will be very important, we need to understand how and when best to contact them, preference of gender if any for their chosen Be There Person, amongst other things. A calm caring voice is most important as the Intake Volunteer will be the initial “face” to the clients of Arc.

Be There Person

The Be There Person, maybe even more so than the Intake Volunteer, will need to speak always using a warm, caring, understanding, sympathetic, and non-judgmental tone when communicating with the clients either in person or by phone or text or email. To be a Be There Person volunteer, we are looking for people that have either been a caregiver and understand their journey, or a recovered addict that can offer insight and understanding to the client/caregivers and sympathize with their situation. The Be There Person will reach out to the client they are paired with and ask for a time that they could meet in person. They will be an ear for the client first and a supporter and coach after. The Be There Person will report back to the Arc team to suggest what further assistance Arc can provide to the client, be it groceries, rides, cleaning, babysitting, a night out, or whatever comes up that we could help with.

General Volunteer

The General Volunteer will also always exhibit Arc’s warm embrace nature. These volunteers can be asked to help with anything that would directly help the caregivers. Examples of this might be rides, delivering groceries, babysitting, helping with housework or children’s homework, or passing along respite items, like movie tickets, or a restaurant gift card. Their interaction with the client may be as short as a minute, or longer depending on the need they are fulfilling. Their attitude throughout their interaction with the client must always be caring, understanding, warm, and non-judgmental at all times.