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  • Have you or a loved one broken free from the cycle of addiction? Are you interested in helping others on their healing journeys? Arc needs you! Arc is a non-profit created to support family and friends of people suffering from mental illness, addiction, or both. If you are interested in volunteering as one of our “comfort coaches,” please reach out to us today:


  • Scientific evidence shows that addiction is a chronic brain disease that has the potential for both recurrence AND recovery. If you or a loved one have experienced addiction and would like to assist caregivers, please contact us at


  • If your life has been touched by addiction or mental illness, you know how difficult the path to recovery can be. Arc wants to help caregivers who are struggling to navigate emotions like blame, resentment, hate, anger, and even fear. If you have experience and would like to share it with the caregiver community, please fill out our volunteer form to get started:


  • The impacts of addiction and mental illness affect both the person experiencing them and their loved ones. Arc is building a support network for those taking care of the sick and suffering. If you would like to get involved with our volunteer program, visit our website.

  • In America, 64.6 million adults over 18 have a degree of mental illness. Based on those numbers, many family members and friends have experienced their loved one’s struggle with their mental health. Caregivers need support too, which is why we formed Arc. To learn more and join our network, visit


  • Substance abuse impacts over 20 million Americans and addiction affects not only them. Caregivers need support too! Arc is looking for volunteers with experience in addiction, mental illness or even healthcare professionals interested in offering community aid. If you’re interested in becoming one of our “comfort coaches,” fill out a volunteer form to get started:


  • It is time to break the stigmas around mental illness and addiction, and Arc is here to help! We are creating a network in Bucks County for caregivers affected by these struggles, and we need you! If you would like to volunteer with us, visit our website today:


  • Did you know that 9.5 million Americans have both a substance abuse disorder and a mental illness? Multiply that number by all of their family and friends suffering alongside their loved ones, watching them struggle day in and day out. Chances are, many people in your life have or will experience addiction or mental illness. Visit and join us as we build a community of volunteers to support those who need it most.



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Hello [Name],

I am a boardmember of Arc, a non-profit organization that supports caregivers of those battling mental illness and addition. These health conditions are incredibly common and take a massive toll on both the person suffering from the disease and those caring for them. 

Do you have experience with mental illness or addiction? Are you interested in helping those in need but aren’t sure where to start? We are currently searching for people to act as “comfort coaches” in the Bucks Country region and beyond. Visit Arc’s website to learn more about how you can get involved in this important work.

Our community needs you!